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Grand Park Sign

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 2009.1.11904 WHS Football team - Elmer Wheeler, Walter Wheeler
 1912WHS_Soccer.jpg Rurosa1912 WHS Soccer team - Standing l to r: ?, ?, Charles Armstrong, Ezekiel Armstrong, Vernon Davis, Leocle Cook, Clarence Davis, Karl Kouns, Sitting l to r: 
1913WHS_Basketball.jpg 1912/1913 Rurosa1913 WHS Basketball team - Standing l to r: ?,?, Ezekiel Armstrong, Leocle Cook Sitting l to r: 

 1933 Yearbook1933 WHS Basketball First Team: Front row, left to right: Dooley, forward; Bender, guard; Edwards, guard, captain; Lassiter, center; Johnson, guard.

1957WHS_Baseball_201137-large.jpg  2011.3.71957 WHS Baseball team Standing: Darroll Morris, Joe Edwards, Bob Parker, x, Dick Robinson, Coach Moore, Bob Rayle, Mike Roinson, Bob Moore, Doug White, Jim Williamson Front Row: Bill Dennis, Jim Hudson, Bob Wilson, Russ Livley, Paul Bardsly, Jim Godby

 1975 Yearbook1975 WHS Basketball team: Front Row: Patti Pickett, Nanci Hollingsead, Karla Farmer, Pam Shugart, Debby Strong, Mrs. Rice. Back Row: Cathy Reiss, Karen Robey, Peg Huber, Pat Brooks, Kathy Dennemann.