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1912/1913 Rurosa

 1912/1913 Rurosa

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1834 Original Plat Map of West Field, Indiana

Plat of the Town of Westfield     121 (page no)

The Town of West Field in Hamilton County is laid out in the above plan, the Streets and Alleys an the Width respectively marked in the Plat. Each Lot is eighty two feet 6 inches in front and extends back one hundred and fifty six feet and 9 inches.

The State of Indiana Hamilton County

Before me the undersigned an acting justice of the Peace within and forsaid County Personally came Ambrose Osborn, Simon Moon and Asa Bales and acknowledge the within to be a correct Plat and references of the Town of West Field by theme. Laid out in said County of Hamilton in Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and thirty four

Benjamin Wheeler

Justice of the Peace 

1904 WHS Football team - Elmer Wheeler, Walter Wheeler

1912 WHS Soccer team - Standing l to r: ?, ?, Charles Armstrong, Ezekiel Armstrong, Vernon Davis, Leocle Cook, Clarence Davis, Karl Kouns, Sitting l to r: 

1913 WHS Basketball team - Standing l to r: ?,?, Ezekiel Armstrong, Leocle Cook Sitting l to r: 

1934/1935 WHS Basketball First Team: Front row, left to right: Dooley, forward; Bender, guard; Edwards, guard, captain; Lassiter, center; Johnson, guard.

1957 WHS Baseball team Standing: Darroll Morris, Joe Edwards, Bob Parker, x, Dick Robinson, Coach Moore, Bob Rayle, Mike Roinson, Bob Moore, Doug White, Jim Williamson Front Row: Bill Dennis, Jim Hudson, Bob Wilson, Russ Livley, Paul Bardsly, Jim Godby

1975 WHS Basketball team: Front Row: Patti Pickett, Nanci Hollingsead, Karla Farmer, Pam Shugart, Debby Strong, Mrs. Rice. Back Row: Cathy Reiss, Karen Robey, Peg Huber, Pat Brooks, Kathy Dennemann.