Program Videos

We will post videos from our Westfield Washington Historical Society program events here. These events are held normally every even month of the year on the 3rd Tuesday. But make sure to check our schedule on the page on this site here: WWHS Calendar or on our Facebook page here:

06/10/2017 Westfield Washington Historical Society & Museum - Grand Opening of new Museum location in old Methodist Church/Town Hall

02/17/2015 Jim Beery - "The Eagletown Years" The Country Side of Life

Teaser Video 1+ min

Full video - 42:30 min


10/16/2012 Bob O'Rear Program about Washington Township Pioneer and Gunsmith

10/18/2011 Jim Peyton Westfield High School

 Click here for the presentation that was shown during the above program on 10/18/2011 

08/16/2011 Anne VanCamp

Three part video of Anne's talk including lengthy Q&A and discussion afterwards

 02/23/2011 John Blazier Indy 500

10/21/2008 Carol Daubenspeck - Moon Family

02/02/2008 Betty Edwards - Memories

02/17/2006 Gary Southerland Westfield Fire Department