1912 WHS Soccer team

Picture from the 1912/1913 Yearbook Rurosa

Standing l to r: ?, ?, Charles Armstrong, ?, Leocle Cook, Ezekiel Armstrong,

Sitting l to r: Vernon Davis, Clarence Davis, Karl Kouns,

Page before the picture states it was a new thing in Westfield in 1912/1913

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As football had proven unsatisfactory in the county, and as a number of schools were preparing to play the game of soccer, we decided to try it too.

There was but one boy in school who was familiar with the game, and he was elected captain. As soon as suits could be obtained and a workout could be had, we scheduled a game with Carmel to be played on their field. A large number of spectators came out and much enthusiasm was shown. Both teams were closely matched, therefore no big score could be made. The game ended with a score of 1 to 0 in Carmel's favor.

A few days later a return game was played at Westfield. The evening was very cold and the players could not enter with the spirit shown in the previous game. However the boys showed a better form than the opposing team. Near the close of the game a doubtful goal was kicked by the opponent, the score ending 1 to 0 in favor of the visitors.

Owing to the weather, practice could not be continued. However, a game was scheduled with Noblesville, to be played on the home field. Greater interest than ever was shown and Westfield High School won easily from the visiting team.

The basket ball season was now open and no more soccer games were scheduled.

Extract from the 1911/1912 ISHAA Annual http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/Yearbooks%20&%20Handbooks/1911-12_IHSAA.pdf

Football is all but dead in Indiana High Schools. Only 20 schools among our 250 had teams on the field for inter-scholastic games. The decadence makes possible a new fall sport which the Association will welcome. Soccer is gaining and may secure a general hold, though as long as there is any life in American football progress will be slow. Prejudice and unfamiliarity must both be overcome before soccer can take the old place of football.

One of the early mentions of soccer in Indiana schools comes from Richmond Earlham College

The Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis, Indiana

Thu, Jan 16, 1908 – Page 6

The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana)

15 Jan 1906, Mon